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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘JOKER’ Goes Crazy, Bludgeons Entertainment

Last night I watched JOKER starring Joaquin Phoenix. It was NOT good! Read my full Review

1917: A Punishing Review of the World War I Movie Everyone is Talking About

1917, the movie, is a bittersweet trip into the bowels of human hell; so says BoreTopia reviewer Johnny Punish
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Homecoming: Season 1 First Reaction

Homecoming is an Amazon series directed by Mr. Robot's Sam Esmail. It has all the feel of Mr. Robot but with a different spin. It's like MR. Robot meets "Get Out".

Anime Review: Kengan Ashura Amazes In First 24 Episodes!

A review of the bloody bone-shattering spectacle that is Kengan Ashura!

Game of Thrones Alternate Ending!

An alternate ending for Game of Thrones you would have never expected.

Director of Thor Ragnarok to Helm Next Star Wars Film

Disney announces Taika Waititi will direct a new Star Wars Movie. What could this mean? Click here to find out!