Overexagerated? Yes. Unrealistic? Yes. Fantastic entertainment? Also a resounding yes yes yes!



Kengan Ashura is a bloody spectacle, to say the least. In a world where corporate disputes are decided by behind the scenes hand to hand gladiator combat bouts. It’s plot designed to provide the most epic fights at a fast pace. Enough to keep you coming back for more each episode. It quickly pushes the plot into a tournament arc which is sometimes just what is wanted and needed.

This show reminds me of the early UFC days where nearly anything goes but of course done anime style. Which means powers, secret techniques, and everything is over the top on purpose.

The show follows Ohma Tokita who is on a warpath to prove he is the strongest. He will do this at all costs. No fear, no mercy. His desire to win is second to none.


The animation in Kengan Ashura is crisp and exaggerated. The colors stand out as well. The show shines when it’s displaying it’s many action scenes. The animation kind of reminds me a bit of Attack on Titan mixed with Redline. Studio Larx Entertainment really did a good job in my opinion.


The soundtrack is mostly metal that really stands out when its paired to this animes fights. Really amps up the action and gets you ready for the big moments.



Ohma is not all muscle and toughness either. He also has impeccable smarts and technique. This is what makes him so interesting to follow. Knowing someway or somehow he will find a way to overcome his next challenge, or will he? You just never know in Kengan Ashura.

So what are you waiting for? Get on Netflix, turn your brain off, and enjoy the spectacle unfold!