So here goes my ridiculous alternate ending of how Theon (Reek) Greyjoy the no membered one could have ultimately sat upon the Iron Throne. First I have loose evidence that Samuel Tarley aka Sam The Slayer aka Sam The Sword Stealer aka Sam The Mourner aka Sam The Healer will turn into Sam The Grand Daddy Wizard of Westeros Aka He’s going to go full Gandalf Samuel The Black Tarley on the White Walkers and All of Westeros. Stating from atop the mountain that YOU HAVE NO POWAHHH HERE.

See it all started back in Season 2 when Jon Snow was appointed to the role of Steward when in reality he wanted to be a ranger. To calm his brother of the nights watch Sam tells Jon that he had always wanted to be a wizard. So how does this tie into Theon sitting upon the Iron Throne? I’ll tell you how. See Sam is looking for a way to rid Westeros of the White Walkers. While looking through these thousands of books he is going to find The Holy Grail of Dark Magic. A book that contains the very spell that caused The Doom Of Valyria. Sam will have to douce himself in fire as a sacrifice to the Red God to complete this spell to cause the doom of the White Walkers. He’s going to be successful using this blood spell however perhaps too successful. He can not contain the power of the spell and therefore dooms all of Westeros in one fell swoop.

Here is where Theon comes in. Theon wishing to take back the crown of the Iron Islands from his evil Uncle he confronts The finger in the bum mastermind himself in the seas with a crew of his own. Ultimately claiming victory in which he then sails back to Westeros only to find Ashes upon the whole of the continent. He then proceeds to sit upon the Iron Throne that surprisingly is still standing. While his crewmates Yell ALL HAIL TO THE KING!!!

And there you have it. My crazy alternate ending as to how I think REEK, reek could have become the winner of GAME OF THRONES. The guy who has been there since day one. Theon the guy we had all written off long ago as just a side character of not grand importance. THEON THE PRINCE THAT WAS NEVER PROMISED and in true George R.R. Martin Style you won’t know what to do with yourself after its all said in done. You will be left in utter disbelief.

What do you think of this ridiculous Alternate Ending? Let me know in the comments below of any crazy alternate endings you may have thought of.