Here is a list of 10 movie ideas I think should be made by Hollywood either into film trilogies, one-off films, or TV series. These stories would be well received by the public if done correctly with a proper budget and directors that care about the source material. So here we go Hollywood. Get your pen and paper out and start taking notes.


Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic

Star Wars is an epic franchise that I’ve liked since the first time I saw A New Hope. Since it seems the Skywalker Saga has come to a close. I think it’s time to explore other stories in the Star Wars Universe. Stories like that of Darth Malak and Revan. These stories of the Old Republic that take place nearly 4,000 years before Palpatine’s Empire would make for an epic new saga.

Gundam OO

There are reports that the studio that made the new Godzilla films are going to make a Gundam live-action movie. However not much is known about when it will air or if it’s even being filmed at this point. This would make for a massive trilogy. The Paramilitary group Celestial being would fun to follow in their quest to rid the world of conflict and war. Not to mention the mystery of the creator of the Gundam Mobile Suits. Aeolia Schenberg. He created the mobile suits 100 years before Celestial Being came to be. He foresaw the future unlike any other and I would be very interested to see this all on the big screen. Not to mention the crazy battle scenes.

Star Wars Darth Plagueis and Palpatine’s Early Sith Days

There is already a book about this. Personally I was hoping Snoke was Plagueis but oh well. It would still be really interesting to see how Plagueis trained Palpatine to become one of the most successful and deceiving Sith Lords of all time.

Code Geass

This anime would make a great TV series. Much like Mr. Robot. Following the main character and being inside his head as he makes each decision would make for a very entertaining series. Add in the politics of it all. You can’t go wrong.


This is already an anime movie but seeing it in live-action would be amazing. This would be an epic space race you wouldn’t want to miss. Not to mention seeing Robo World in live-action. A whole planet of Robots trying to stop the race while it’s going on. Count me in for this one-off experience and crank the volume way up!

Lord of the Rings: The Story of Melkor

Amazon bought the rights to make a tv series about Lord of the Rings. However, it’s not clear exactly what will happen in this series. I for one would like a trilogy about Melkor. Sauron’s master and teacher. Who wouldn’t want to see a fouler evil than that of even Sauron. What would that even be like? Get to work Hollywood and make it happen.

Harry Potter: Voldemorts Rise To Power

Yes, fantastic beasts is all well and good. Grindelwald is interesting. But I for one want to see Voldemorts rise to power. How he slowly built up his army. I want to see the wizarding world slowly become aware of he who must not be named taking over slowly and then his downfall of course.

Warhammer 40,000: The Horus Heresy

40 thousand years in the future. A story of treason and betrayal where billions perish. Seems grim but would make one hell of a movie. To see legions after legions fighting over Holy Terra. It would be glorious with today’s CGI. It could be a 6 part movie franchise or even more. It seems Amazon is making a TV series about Eisenhorn. Using the trilogy of books written by Dan Abnett as source material. We’ll see when this will

Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

I think Zelda would be great for TV or a movie franchise. There have been rumors Netflix might make this happen however Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this. So I guess the waiting will continue. Personally I think adapting the story of Ocarina of time would be best. Make a TV series with hour-long episodes. Each episode would be for each temple. The idea of watching the main character Link go through all the temples each of which with its own challenges. It would be very cool and I think many fans would take an interest in it.


Halo has had Forward unto dawn which was cool but I need more. I remember Peter Jackson was going to a direct a Halo movie. That didn’t work out and Xbox was going to make a TV Series with Spielberg. Nope, didn’t happen. Come on. Get it together Hollywood. Halo is perfect for a movie franchise. Future, aliens, and war. What more do you want.