When it comes to anime. Everyone has their own opinions on what is MUST WATCH anime. We all have our own personal tastes. This is a list based on my personal tastes. So if you like anime with epic fight scenes, glorious animation, and smart characters then you just might like this list. So I hope you find a new anime to binge watch or rewatch during your time staying at home. Let’s Begin!

Fate Series (All Ufotable)

This includes Fate/Zero, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, and The Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel Movies.

What can I say. I would watch these in the order stated above. That’s my personal preference. Really Fate/Zero truly blew me away. The story is about Masters aka people who can use magic who are chosen by an all-powerful wish-granting device known as the Holy Grail fight to the death using their summoned heroic spirits of the past.

While I understand the first-hour long episode might be a little much when it comes to just dialogue. I enjoyed it and it set up the rules and what to expect for this series. Kind of like chess. In the first episode, the pieces are put on the board in their places. By a couple of episodes in. All hell breaks loose. The animation here is epic. Saber looks flawless. Her attacks all of it. Just glorious animation. There are many more fights to accompany this. It’s an all-out battle royale. There’s magic up the wazoo so the fights can be extreme. There are moments of brief gore. It’s just an all-around powerhouse of an anime and you won’t be disappointed trust me.

Moving on to Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (UBW). This takes place after Fate/Zero. The story isn’t as intense as Fate/Zero however the fight scenes again do not disappoint and there are enough entertaining plots to make this a fun ride. Sure there are some parts you’ll be thinking just get me to the fight scenes already but it’s ok because the animation quality makes the waiting worth it.

Now when it comes to Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel. The quality gets turned up a notch even further. How they do this. I have no idea. I just hope to God that the last movie doesn’t get delayed due to Covid-19. Heaven’s Feel is broken up into 3 movies. The first 2 are already out. That being Pressage Flower and Lost Butterfly. Spring Song is due to come out well who really knows now. Worry about that later and just enjoy what we have now.

Fate/Zero and Fate Stay Night UBW are available on Netflix. As for Heavens Feel. You will have to buy it.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan is a monster of an anime. I’m only going to talk about the first season here. Let’s just say the way I found out about this anime was unconventional, to say the least. I was on vacation in Playa del Carmen Mexico. It’s a beach city in the Caribbean. I was bored and scrolling through Facebook when I see on the top right. Trending “Actor Anthony Hopkins recommends anime show”. I thought, did I read that correctly? I clicked on the link and sure enough, Anthony Hopkins was recommending Attack On Titan. The Hannibal was recommending an anime show. I had to check it out. So I did and again. Blown away was I. The first episode had me coming back for more and more till there was no more to come back to. Without spoiling you. If you haven’t seen it. Try the first episode and if you aren’t hooked by then. Don’t bother continuing. But I trust it will get you hooked.

Attack on Titan is available on Crunchyroll.

Code Geass

This show was recommended by a good friend of mine who never disappoints me with his anime picks. Code Geass is one of those shows that will have you rooting for the main character the whole way through. Despite his flaws or bad decisions, root for him you will. It’s like watching a great game of chess. Much like how MR. Robot gets you hooked. Code Geass’ main character Lelouch will keep you captivated from start to finish.


I haven’t watched all Gundams but I personally recommend Gundam OO, Gundam Unicorn, Thunderbolt, and The Origin. If you are into epic space battles with mobile suits and political battles as well. Here you go. Thank me later in a few years when you finish all the Gundam out there.

Death Note

Death Note to me is like the son of Code Geass. Whilst it is very different, the main characters in both series are people to root for and follow. All the while you will be frustrated with their rival’s ability to make things more and more complicated for them. This is another one of those shows that will just hook you from start to finish.

Death is available on Netflix.

Honorable Mentions: Redline, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Future Diary, Gate, Re Zero: Starting Life In Another World